The Amazing Wisdom of Non-Homo-Sapiens

If at first you don’t believe, look, look again.  It seems like there are some animals out there hitting the top of the IQ chart.  Apparently, if you want to make a killing on a gamble, your best bet may be a sheep! 

Sonny Wool, hails from New Zealand and is said to be able to predict the winner of the World Cup.  The furry friend determined it would be New Zealand to take home the winning prize against Tonga in the Rugby World Cup’s opening match.  Wool was given two containers of food which each had a flag of the different teams playing and it was the one with the New Zealand flag that he picked.

Apparently it didn’t come as such a great surprise to Sonny Wool’s owner.  According to Dan Boyd, even as a young lamb, Wool was able to predict when it was going to rain and thus he hoped his furry friend would follow in the footsteps of another super-smart non-homo-sapiens, Paul the Octopus.

Paul the Octopus

Paul came before Sonny.  Last year the octopus made the correct prediction on who would win the matches in Germany.  He knew Spain would kick Holland’s butt in the World Cup and he was right.  Paul could be seen on a tank that had a Spanish flag on it before he grabbed a mussel and ate it.  Apparently he showed absolutely no interest in the Dutch tank.  Not only that, but clever Paul also predicted the wins Germany would enjoy over Argentina, Australia, England, Ghana and that it would lose against Spain and Serbia.

So, next time you want to take a gamble and try and predict which team will win in a big game, instead of checking into traditional methods, maybe get yourself a clever pet!

TV’s to Become Modernized?

Due to all sorts of new and exciting modern technology and gadgets, it seems that it is becoming harder and harder to sell televisions at the top prices they used to be able to demand. So companies selling televisions have to come up with new ways to entice today’s customers. And they have been. For example, last week it was revealed that Sharp Corp. is beginning to offer a Freestyle Aquos line of liquid crystal display television sets.

These new televisions do not depend on where the aerial plug is situated due to a tuner which is able to wirelessly send broadcast signals to a TV anywhere else in the home. As one executive from Sharp pointed out, “for people wanting to move around all the furniture and freely design their homes, the TV has been a bottleneck.”

Pushing Into the 21st Century

This new product from Sharp shows how television manufactures are attempting to respond to the demands of the modern technological world. As a general rule, these manufacturers have been losing substantial finances over the last few years. According to an article in Home Toys just two years ago, Samsung Electronics “mass-produced light emitting diode-backlit TV sets ahead of rivals.” When the 3D televisions first begun last year, it was hoped that this would help but it didn’t. Internet-enabled televisions were introduced that work on a software developed by Google so the “smart TVs…became one of the major themes at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.”

So even though efforts are being made in the television industry to boost profits, it seems like the current ideas in the market may not be the right direction.

Trading in Basketball Shoes to Dance with the Stars

In recent news, Los Angeles Lakers star Ron Artest has just announced that he’ll be dancing with the stars this year. During Monday night’s live Dancing with the Stars announcement in L.A., they revealed that Artest will, indeed, be dancing with the best and worst this year.

Artest explained how he came to this decision. While the idea of dancing was not appealing to him when the idea first arose, he explained that “my daughter Diamond was like, Daddy, you should do it.”

And the rest was history. Diamond, Artest’s 8 year old daughter, battled cancer when she was 4. Artest saw the Dancing roll as a chance to fulfill his daughter’s wish and to raise money for cancer research. As he said to People magazine, “I’m going to donate the profits.”

Dancing’s new season will kick off on Monday, September 19 on ABC.

Joy Behar Finally Says “I Do” After 29 Years

So, it took 29 years of dating to finally tie the knot, but who’s counting. In a situation that just might make it into the Guinness Books, the View co-host Joy Behar has finally tied the knot with her incredibly long-standing boyfriend, Steve Janowitz.

After dating for 29 years, the two finally decided to go ahead and commit. Married over the weekend on August 11th in New York City in a private ceremony, Joy Behar promises to discuss the big day on September 6th on The View, when the show returns for its 15th season.

Behar has called Janowitz her “spousal equivalent” for all these years, and she even made plans to wed in 2009. Cold feet, however, caused her to break off the engagement that time.

Hopefully, her feet will stay warm this time around.

Picture from Splash New Online.