Portland Entertainment

blackberry-crispOkay it’s time to get moving on some out-of-this-world Portland entertainment!  I want some fun – I’ve had way too much time with the kids over Easter!  So let’s get looking on what’s on the Portland entertainment scene the next few days!

Happy hour sure sounds good to me and I was delighted to learn that one of our favorite hangouts – Rae’s Lakeview Loungeagain was voted best happy hour in the city.  I’m off there.  With or without Daniel, but hopefully with.  I absolutely LOVE the Pesto and Points and I cannot leave that place without the blackberry crisp – yum!

A few days ago was Record Store Day.  I decided to give it a miss – I went last year and it was mobbed.  This was the seventh one and Daniel said it was really a lot of fun.  But he’s the kind of guy who really likes throngs, music and being there right when all the new releases come out.  For me, I’d rather hang at Rae’s and munch on my blackberry crisp – that’s true, classic, authentic, Portland entertainment at its best!