Rain Rain Go Away

rain-Just when I thought summer was finally here and that we could say goodbye to the sniffles, strep, missed work days for me and kids feeling better. Now there’s more rain about to come. Aaah!!! It’s crazy! Daniel says this happens every year around this time but it’s not true…

So now I’m going to have to start dealing with that again. Get out all the winter stuff. I knew it wouldn’t last but still, it would have been nice if the good weather would have at least taken us into the weekend!

Still, maybe we’ll use the bad weather as an opportunity to check out a new restaurant opening on Sunday – Noraneko – an interesting fusion of Japanese ramen and juice bar!

Madonna Meets Moda

by David Shankbone
by David Shankbone

Wow I feel young. I had no idea Madonna was in her late 50s. For some reason I always assumed she was somewhere around my age – mid to late 40s. But she’s not, she’s older and still going strong. In fact, we just heard that she is coming later on this year to perform here in Portland! As part of her “Rebel Heart tour” (can you really still be a rebel at 56?) she’ll be making a stop in Portland, at the Moda Center. She’s still going strong, with her 13th album. This is part of her 35-city tour.

I’m going to make sure we get to go. Tickets are going on sale sometime next week and I’m going to get Daniel to get us two. I’ve never seen her in concert and I’d just love to see how she performs live, at 56! I wonder if she has enough energy to bounce around a stage.

Apparently all those mad Madonna fans in Seattle are not happy as she’s not making a stop there. Well good is what I say. All the top performers always go there and so rarely come to us. It’s about time we had one of the cool, strong, female singers – who has been going for around three decades now – say that Portland matters. Because it does. And we do. And so do you Madonna. You sure do rock!