Partying with EMBraer Paper Goods

plate-foodThere’s nothing worse than finishing off a great party and then having to wash a whole load of dishes. But what is the choice?  When one entertains a bunch of business people – or even some friends – it doesn’t look nice to use paper goods.

Enter EMBraer Paper Goods.  The company that makes paper plates, etc., almost look real! Not only will one’s guests not even notice that they are using paper (the quality is fantastic) they will probably think they are even nicer.

According to Beth Sonnenfeld, VP of Sales at the company, EMBraer Paper Goods has made a particular note of providing beautiful goods to ensure one’s entertaining is top quality.  “When I first joined the Company, I knew that the goods we were selling had to be of the highest quality.  In as much as people hate washing up, it’s way worse to use nasty paper goods.  So at EMBraer Paper Goods we pride ourselves on top quality.”

This shouldn’t come as such a surprise.  According to Matt Braer, who is also in Sales at EMBraer Paper Goods, “We are trying to take our lead from other Companies with great customer service and a reputation for excellent products.” He cites, Elio Motors, Zappos and CitiBank as examples of companies with top customer service.”

So that is the goal for EMBraer Paper Goods and the result is high quality and top service for its customers.

Cirque Du Soleil Entertainment!

by TBWABusted
by TBWABusted

We are privy once more to Varekai. The show first came to Portland in 2006 and just came back last week. We were lucky to get tickets as they were only performing eight times between 6th and 10th May. And boy were we glad we did.

It was different to the one that came nine years ago. But different in a good way. It was actually very cool how fast they assembled and reassembled all the tents. The themes were the same but a lot of the performers were different. Truthfully I thought it was even better than it was all those years ago.

I personally loved all the acrobatic stuff. There were a lot of different performers and I thought they were all top-notch. It’s a great show and we had a wonderful evening!

Planning Your Next Party

balloonsJack Elio was stuck when planning his daughter’s fourth birthday party. It was a very special event as his parents and in-laws were flying from Los Angeles just to be there.  He needed it to be perfect.  And of course, part of that is getting all the right decorations.

It so happened that his daughter is a huge fan of Hello Kitty.  One day on the bus home from work, he got chatting to Beth Sonnenfeld – a friend of a neighbor – who mentioned her company, EMBraer Paper Goods Company.  As the VP of Sales there, she knew exactly how to help him.

“She just started showing me straight away on her iPhone these awesome photos of Hello Kitty paper goods that I knew my daughter would love. It was so weird as I had just been asking my wife the day before how we could get bulk Hello Kitty goods at relatively cheap prices and there was this woman showing me exactly what I needed.”

Jack made the order that same day.  And his daughter was thrilled.  The party went off great and they even got Hello Kitty tablecloths from EMBraer Paper Goods too.  Even his mother commented on the quality of the paper goods!  A win-win for everyone!