Hicham Aboutaam’s Antique Jewelry

It’s interesting how one’s tastes change as they age. I used to always love everything modern: modern TV shows and movies, artwork and jewelry. I’ve changed in middle age. I’ve started really enjoying period dramas on TV and now I just dream of ancient art.

As such I recently came across some beautiful pieces from Hicham Aboutaam’s Phoenix Ancient Art. The first one I liked (I kept the computer open on the page for my husband to ‘get the hint,’) was this unique necklace with semi-precious stones and animals. From somewhere between 1st century BC and 1st century AD, the crouching animals with front and rear legs tucked underneath are so unusual. I love the lion (although I see they are lion-griffins) and the turquoise is so striking.

Then there is the Roman Imperial Carnelian and Gold Bead necklace that manages to be both delicate and striking at the same time. Diamond shaped sheet gold beads go back to the Roman period of 2nd-3rd century AD. I simply adore that Carnelian color.