Summer is Here!

monacoFinally the summer is here.  Well, it has been warm for a while but the kids are on vacation and so is Daniel and that’s what summer means to me – a break from life for six weeks.  This year we rented a beautiful house in Nice, South of France, which has its own pool.  The price was so reasonable and since I love to swim we just couldn’t resist.  What’s been great about it is that Daniel and I can really relax while the kids just hang out by the pool, and I’ll have had time to get my morning laps in.   It’s so nice to have 6 weeks in a place like this, away from work and let the kids really feel like they’re having a vacation too. And, the service we rented the place from offers responsible babysitters too.

One of the things Daniel and I have been looking forward to doing – ever since we booked this trip – is going to the casino in Monaco (that’s his wish!) and while we’re there, it just so happens that Point Art Exhibition is taking place.  In fact, that was how Daniel sold the idea of Monaco to me in the first place!  So we’re booked to go on August 3rd.

The Salon Point Monaco is hosting some really amazing galleries such as: De Bartha Gallery (a personal favorite of mine), Beck and Eggeling and Phoenix Ancient Art.    It’s so exciting as this is one of the major art-dedicated events of the year.  And being at the Sporting d’Hiver is just such an apt place.  Ancient art is something I’ve always found interesting – since my days as an Art History student – but never really owned.  Who knows?  Maybe this year I’ll pick something up from Phoenix Ancient Art…depending on how much Daniel makes at the casino!

Either way our vacation is just wonderful so far…and I’m just glad we got to come to the South of France – a real dream of mine for many years.