TV’s to Become Modernized?

Due to all sorts of new and exciting modern technology and gadgets, it seems that it is becoming harder and harder to sell televisions at the top prices they used to be able to demand. So companies selling televisions have to come up with new ways to entice today’s customers. And they have been. For example, last week it was revealed that Sharp Corp. is beginning to offer a Freestyle Aquos line of liquid crystal display television sets.

These new televisions do not depend on where the aerial plug is situated due to a tuner which is able to wirelessly send broadcast signals to a TV anywhere else in the home. As one executive from Sharp pointed out, “for people wanting to move around all the furniture and freely design their homes, the TV has been a bottleneck.”

Pushing Into the 21st Century

This new product from Sharp shows how television manufactures are attempting to respond to the demands of the modern technological world. As a general rule, these manufacturers have been losing substantial finances over the last few years. According to an article in Home Toys just two years ago, Samsung Electronics “mass-produced light emitting diode-backlit TV sets ahead of rivals.” When the 3D televisions first begun last year, it was hoped that this would help but it didn’t. Internet-enabled televisions were introduced that work on a software developed by Google so the “smart TVs…became one of the major themes at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.”

So even though efforts are being made in the television industry to boost profits, it seems like the current ideas in the market may not be the right direction.