Hines Ward Victorious on Dancing With the Stars

Hines Ward, the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and Super Bowl MVP, was announced to be the winner in the 12th season of Dancing With the Stars. Paired with Kym Johnson, Hines Ward’s final competition included Chelsea Kane with Mark Ballas, and Kirstie Alley with Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

“I never thought I’d be in the finals, but I owe it all to Kim. She’s an amazing teacher,” Ward said. He went on to thank the judges for the “constructive criticism.”

The win, which was certainly suspenseful, came after the couple’s Samba performance, danced to Earth Wind and Fire’s “Fantasy.” Ward appeared to enjoy the performance just as much as his ecstatic fans.

Alley, a fan favorite, was undoubtedly disappointed, and maybe surprised, especially following her incredible performance with Chmerkovskiy which was given a perfect score.

“It’s like the most extraordinary adventure I’ve ever been on in my whole life,” she said.

Pursuing Excellent, the Right Way

Choosing a major in college is often a daunting experience. With so much to consider, it is important to take the right approach when making this decision.  First and foremost, it is very important to differentiate between internal and external pressure. Parents, teachers, and even colleagues often have an opinion on the matter. It is certainly possible that they do have your best interests in mind, but they are often mistaken as to what those interests actually are. You know yourself best, and only you can know what it is you truly wish to pursue throughout the rest of your college career. It is also important to realize that while college undoubtedly affects your future, thinking too far ahead may lead to failure or regret in the present.

Jim Donovan, Goldman Sachs executive and professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, once told his students: “Major in what interests you and what you’ll do well in. Education is one of the most important keys to your success, so take different classes and get a well-rounded understanding of the world around you. Be independent enough not to follow the herd, no matter what your major. Look at all your options- banking, business, entrepreneurial, policy, nonprofits, politics, etc.”

Many high achievers agree with Jim Donovan. Goldman Sachs and law school certainly reveal a measure of well-roundedness. MIT’s career counselor Marilyn C. Wilson once pointed out that “there is no way to foresee what job markets will be like five to ten years down the road.” Wilson also encouraged students to choose a career path based on their interests and talents, as opposed to choosing an interest based on a career path.

Dealing with Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common chronic pains that people deal with.  80% of people are affected at some point in their lives with back pain, and it can occur at any age. It’s most common in people who are 35 years old and older.

If your back pain persists for more than a few days, you may want to see your general physician.  Certainly, your physician may prescribe some medicine or may send you for tests.  Often times they will send you to a chronic pain specialist like Dr. Harvey Finkelstein who can offer an even more detailed analysis.

If, in addition to the back pain you have a fever, redness on your back, pain down your legs, numbness in one or both legs or around your buttocks, incontinences or constant pain  you should seek out the help of a physician like Dr. Harvey Finkelstein immediately.  Finding a chronic pain specialist like Dr. Arden Kaisman, Dr. Sanjay Bakhsi or Dr. Harvey Finkelstein is very easy to do, and this person will help you to explore all of your options while offering treatment suggestions.

Often times, the back pain is simply caused by standing, sitting or bending for long periods of time.  It might be a result of something that you lifted incorrectly or of a fall.  If you are overweight, this can often cause back pain as your body is being asked to carry more weight than it should be.  If you have poor posture over a prolonged period of time, this can also cause back pain.

Sometimes the back pain is due to a more serious or underlying reason. These might include a fracture, osteoporosis, a slipped disc, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis and the like.  You can only find out if this is the case by seeking medical attention and by having a thorough examination.

While much rarer, lower back pain can also be caused by an infection or by cancer.  For all of these reasons, it’s important to see medical attention and to take care of your back pain so that you will no longer be debilitated by these issues.


Stevie Nicks on Dancing With the Stars

On last night’s Dancing With the Stars’ semifinals show, Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke introduced Stevie Nicks, the world-renowned singer.

Some New

Revealing her new single, Nicks sang ‘Single Love’, from her new album ‘In Your Dreams,’ wowing the audience. Surely, the younger Glee fans in the crowd had a newfound appreciation for the performance after last week’s episode.

And Some Old

Later in the evening Nicks returned to sing the classic ‘Landslide,’ bringing everyone back in a nostalgic moment. Long-time fans of Fleetwood Mac surely enjoyed the show, and are also undoubtedly pleased that the singer has confirmed that Fleetwood Mac plans to reunite for a tour and possibly, another album.
During the Dancing With the Stars eliminations, Ralph Macchio was sent home, while Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane and Kirstie Alley remain in the competition for the mirror ball trophy.

Important Sunscreen Tips

As the summer months approach and the weather gets warmer, it’s time to carefully consider your summer preparedness.  While we all want to have fun outdoors during the warmer months, we also need to take safety precautions to take care of our health and our skin.

Many programs, such as Teen Screen, the Skin Cancer Foundation, and others work tirelessly to promote the safe use of sunscreen.  There are specific steps that parents should take to keep a child’s skin protected – and tips that older children should use for themselves.

From the age of six months, children should have sunscreen put on them before they go outside.  One great trick to help kids to remember to use sunscreen, and how to do so, is to spell BEENS.  Sunscreen should be on the back of knees, ears, eye area, neck and scalp. As Teen Screen explains, apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before going outside, and reapply it every two hours. Waterproof sunscreen only lasts for 80 minutes after being wet.

In terms of which sun screen to select, here are some tips that Teen Screen, WebMD and other sources offer.  Purchase sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher; look for sunscreens that are labeled “broad spectrum” because they block both UVA and UVB sunlight; spray-on sunscreens are the easiest to apply and stick sunscreens are the best for the face since they are sweat proof.