Alba A-Glowing

Jessica Alba – seen as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses – still looks stunning even with her bulging baby look.  Indeed, in her Jay Leno interview on The Tonight Show,  she spoke about the pregnancy as well as her upcoming film Spy Kids: All The Time In The World.

Alba was definitely wearing the right clothes for her newly-formed figure.  The dress was full-length with an empire line, and she looked radiant as, according to the Google news article she “giggled her way through the light hearted interview with Jay, whose other guests included sexpert Sue Johanson and Justin Bieber’s girlfriend Selena Gomez.”

Pregnancy Queries

Alba had fun with Johanson, asking if having sex in such a late stage of the pregnancy could be problematic for the baby, but the latter assured her it was perfectly fine.  She didn’t reveal the baby’s due date or gender, avoiding the first question by saying it was “soon,” and  not making any reference to the baby’s sex.

Time for Honor

Alba is now making special efforts to spend extra time with Honor, her three-year-old daughter in an attempt to “ensure that she doesn’t feel left out amidst the baby buzz.”  She made a fuss of her birthday “escorting her around New York dressed adorable in a purple princess outfit.”  With her husband Cash Warren, the three of them are engaging in fun, low-key family activities.