Backache Relief

Backaches are a common ailment in adults, as well in people who work with heavy loads or sit at the computer for many hours.

Resting is a good way to ease the discomfort, however, certain simple exercises are more effective as eliminating the cause. Swimming is an example of an enjoyable, effective way to rid yourself of pack pain. Swimming strengthens your back muscles while the water supports your body, putting less strain on your back. If you don’t have a convenient pool nearby, or swimming is not for you, here are easy exercises that you can do at home:

• Stand with your back against the wall, with your feet positioned beneath your shoulders. Slide down the wall into a crouch and hold for five seconds. Repeat five times.
• Lie on your stomach. Flex the muscles in one leg and lift it up off the floor, count to ten, then switch legs. Repeat five times with each leg.
• Lie on your back with your arms touching your sides. Lift one leg off the floor for ten seconds, then switch. This can be difficult at first, so you can keep one leg bent with the foot flat on the floor while raising the other leg.
• Stand behind a chair and grip the back with your hands. Lift one leg behind you, making sure to keep it straight. Switch legs.