Touched by Angels

Brandon Foundation’s Angel Program

Many individuals have been helped by the Brandon Foundation’s Angels Program – people who have gone through hugely difficult challenges, from kids with cancer, to single moms’ daily struggles, and adults with long-term debilitating illnesses.  These strong individuals stood up at the Evening of Hope and Charity Check Presentation to tell their stories and express their gratitude to the foundation. There was hardly a dry eye in the room as they got up, one-by-one, with pride, to say “thank you.”

Fundraising Events

Held at the Florida State Fairgrounds, this event was a true money-giver.  A staggering $160,000 was distributed to 17 of the foundation’s charities (it has 53 in all).  According to daytime talk show host (and foundation board member) Cyndi Edwards, the Foundation seeks to improve life for the community through its substantial fundraising efforts.  Thereafter, these monies are sent to various charitable organizations in the area.

Since 2003, the Foundation has hosted six annual major fundraisers, distributing more than $1m to worthy charitable organizations.  Their reason for existence is to facilitate the work of these hard-working organizations to help the community at large.  All the work it does is conducted through love.  And clearly the individuals receiving this help, feel the love, and thereafter express their deep thanks.