Facebook Helps Military Families Cope

At the beginning of the war in Afghanistan back in 2001 there was no such thing as Facebook. Today many spouses say that without Facebook they don’t know how they would cope.

One military spouse, Melanie McNicol explains: “I check the computer every five minutes,” for news and updates from her husband Jim’s Facebook page.
Jim McNicol is serving in Afghanistan as part of the Army’s 59th Mobility Augmentation Company, based in Fort Hood, Texas. And that unit has its own Facebook page which the captain regularly updates for the families back home.

One example of the kinds of things being written on Facebook dates from December 4, 2010:
“You should be proud of amazing work your Soldiers have done. We should be able to settle into a more predicable schedule soon. …”
The praise for the use of Facebook in this way has been resounding and unanimous.

“It has made all the difference in the world!!!!! (I cannot) express how much having contact like this has meant to all of our family while our soldier serves in Afghanistan,” one military spouse wrote.