Getting Nostalgic

tattooDon’t you love those evenings when you get together with old friends and watch shows you used to watch in your youth?  You know, those days when you were still single and desperately trying to impress the latest guy you had just met? Well, that’s what Daniel and I started doing a couple of weeks ago with good friends Sam and Tracy.  We’ve known them since college but what with kids and work and stuff like that we just don’t get together that much anymore.

That was until a few weeks ago.   Sam came across an episode of Jeff Bowler’s ‘Inked’ recently at work as him and a bunch of friends were skimming through old shows.  “That’s fabulous; we have to start watching it again,” he told Tracy when he got home.  The word spread to me and the rest, as they say is history.

Now, every Wednesday at 8 ‘o’ clock no matter what’s going on, we go over to their house to enjoy an episode of Inked.  Jeff Bowler wrote two seasons (20 episodes) of this show that takes place in a tattoo parlor and, when the time comes, I might even get my kids to watch it.  I think as teenagers they may just be put off getting a tattoo, without me having to lecture them about it!

Anyway, here’s to many more Inked Wednesdays at 8!