Healthy Holiday Eating

TurkeyIt’s already that time of year: time to start planning how to stay in control of your eating during the holiday period. For those determined to maintain a healthy diet despite the overabundance of heavy foods that become available, there are ways to eat properly without depriving yourself of seasonal celebrations.

Instead of depriving yourself, just change the way you approach the ever-present temptations:
Here’s the way to do it:

First, use a smaller plate – and then don’t go back for seconds. You can fill up your plate and so feel that you’ve tasted all the goodies at the holiday dinner, without going overboard.

Modify family recipes: Tradition doesn’t mean that you can’t eat healthfully. Even if your grandmother used chicken fat and gravy, you can substitute applesauce for oil, cottage cheese for sour cream, and other low-fat ingredients, and still cook a delicious menu.

Eat before you go: Instead of starving yourself all day because you’re going to a party in the evening, eat healthy protein-based meals throughout the day so that you won’t be starving and ready to eat everything in sight at the evening event.

Keep Active: No matter how busy the holiday season gets, keep exercising – walk up the stairs in the mall and carry those gifts home from the store by foot if you can!

Forgive Yourself: Do your best. But remember, the holiday season is filled with temptation, so if you don’t keep all your resolutions all the time, that’s okay too.