Healthy Snacks Part I

Staying healthy is not always a simple thing. Most people begin their healthy eating habits journey by making sure that they have three healthy meals each day. We try to include foods from all the famous food groups in our meals, eating whole grains, plenty of vegetable and fruit, not too much protein and a limited amount of foods from animals. Once we get this type of eating into our lives and make it a habit, we usually see results. We feel better, and look better. Combined with a nice chunk of exercise we might even be able to loose and control our weights. One thing that can enter into the equation and sabotage the entire operation are between meal snacks.

It is all too easy to stroll over to a vending machine and get some kind of fast food which is nothing but junk, but what can you do? You’re a little hungry and need a mid-morning boost, and you just don’t feel like having another cup of coffee. Having a little snack seems harmless. It’s small, and fast, and yummy.

Read Part 2 of this article for some ideas on what to do when you want to reach for something for your mouth to do for a little bit of mid meal energy.