Jobs Doll Deal on EBay

Remember that cute Steve Jobs look-alike in plastic which was produced in China without the permission or even the knowledge of Apple’s main man? Recall his dapper jeans, iPhone, removable trademark eyeglasses and sport shoes?

In case you don’t remember, M.I.C. Gadget, headquartered in China, managed to manufacture and sell 300 of the delightful action figures for $99 each before Apple sent a formal complaint to them insisting that the creation of the toy was an “unauthorized use of a person’s name or likeness, subject to a lawsuit under California Civil Code Section 3344.”

Unwilling to go the lawsuit route, G.I.C. halted their manufacture. Now the plastic Jobs doll is a collector’s item, and was recently purchased on eBay at 25 times cost, for $2,500. There are rumors that the sale was bogus, however, something that is not beyond eBay possibilities. Suspicions were aroused due to the fact that there was only one bid on this item, and was sold immediately for the full asking price. Then a few days later another Jobs doll appeared, ready for auction, at the same asking price.