Linux Geek Shopping List Continued

Well, it’s less than a week to go and your Linux geek is still gift-less. Here are some more ideas to wrap up the year for your very special geek, with love.

1. A great place to look for some unusual but sure-to-please Linux related gifts is CafePress. How about a customized Christmas stocking. This clever item reads: “There are 10 kinds of people: Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.” Don’t think about that one too long. $12.

2. Is your FOSS friend a fan of Android? Then a real cute Android robot doll might be just the ticket. Get it from Etsy for $20.

3. I hope I am not giving away too much by saying that this gift is my personal favorite: “Computer Engineer Barbie.” Yes, she knows the code, punches it out despite her non-ergonomic arms and impossibly long legs that reach into the office next door. She even has a fashionable binary-coded t-shirt, a Bluetooth, smart phone, and a hot pink laptop. Only $13. Grab one before Barbie goes to law school.