Portland Happenings for Christmas

aleOkay so what are we going to be doing for Christmas?  Of course the usual stuff of trees and presents.  But what about activities?    We have long holidays for the kids and so it’s about time I started scouring the papers for Portland happenings for all the family.

The first thing I thought that might be of interest was the Tuba Christmas.  There’s going more over 225 tuba players rocking away at the Pioneer Courthouse Square.  It’s not exactly my kind of thing but a lot of the neighbors are going and so Jayden will have a ton of friends there.  As I always say, if my kids are having fun, then it’ll be relaxing for me and Daniel. And who knows?  I might even get a bit of a cultural education along the way.  Plus, it’s free!

I told Daniel I’d go with him to the Holiday Ale Festival if he comes along – strictly for a laugh – to the Ugly Christmas Sweater knitting event.  Not so sure he’ll stick to his side of the bargain, but, truthfully I’m secretly looking forward to the annual ale celebration.  Featuring over 50 winter ales I think I’m going to try the Spiced Unicorn Milk ale from Stone Brewing, California.  Definitely sounds different. It’s only $30 and you get a free beer mug.

That should keep us busy for a while.  Or, if not busy, at least inebriated enough not to know the difference!  Here’s to a very merry Christmas!  Be sure to share your photos!