Rain, Rain, Go Away


I wish the weather would improve a bit already. I mean, I know this is what we should be expecting for this time of year and it isn’t exactly a surprise but that doesn’t stop me from wishing it would be a bit drier and warmer outside so that I could get out a bit more with the kids.  So today I checked the weather forecast and it seems that there is a relatively low expectation for rain so I’m going to have to use that to my advantage.  Friday doesn’t look as good but then Saturday seems like it’s going to improve again so if we don’t get around to doing much today (I always prefer to do stuff over the weekends as then we can do it as a family as neither Daniel nor I work), then at least we’ll have that.

Still, Michelle may come by with her two little girls and while it will probably be a tad too cold to play outside, at least she won’t get drenched coming over.  I know Jayden usually likes boys coming over but after a while complaining about Sarah they usually end up playing nicely.  And Ethan is just delighted there is extra company in the house – he’s such a playful little soul, despite me finding him a handful.  So, let’s hope the weather does something nice for us on Saturday and we can go to the park or something as a family.  Maybe even the Portland Saturday Market that we’ve never done yet altogether; we’ll have to see.