Thank-You Notes

I told my kids – well Jayden really, Ethan is too young – that we needed to start writing thank-you notes for all the presents we received over the holiday season.  I started off by showing him what I was doing for Daniel and then he started his creations.  I showed him how I’d made our family logo when Ethan was born last year through Logo Maker and he said “cool.”

Next, I gave him a large piece of paper and he drew on it.  But then, after studying what I was doing, he decided he wanted some of the family stationery to do it on so I gave him some of that.  He was very happy with his final creation. He made one each for both sets of grandparents, one to Ethan (his idea) and then one each for me and Daniel.  Oh, and then just as he was about to stop and eat a snack, he realized he’d forgotten his aunt and uncle and did one for them too.  I was very proud of him for his efforts – and I told him so – and I think he was happy too by the end. It was a fun, productive and educational afternoon.