The Numerous Benefits of Cranberries

CranberryCranberries are tiny fruits with enormous benefits. Most people are familiar with these sweet red berries, but are unaware of how healthy they really are.

First of all, cranberries are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants, which strengthen the immune system, as well as prevent problems in the cardiovascular system and possibly even cancer. The proanthocyanidin minerals in cranberries cleanse the urinary tract, digestive and reproductive systems from waste and harmful bacteria, minimizing the risk of infections. There is also a theory that the quinic acid in the fruit can also prevent the formation of kidney stones.  Last, but not least, cranberry juice is incredibly healthy for teeth and gums. It keeps the mouth free of plaque-causing bacteria in a natural way.

Cranberry juice is a sweet, delicious drink that most children enjoy. Try serving it at meals instead of carbonated drinks or even other juices, especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, to ensure that your children reap the incomparable benefits of cranberries.