Top Ten Benefits of Water

waterEveryone knows that drinking water is a necessary part of life. We always hear warnings of dehydration, but we often fail to take them seriously. Here is a list of ten positive effects that water has on the body:

1.       Drinking water can help you lose weight by ridding the body of the by-products of fat breakdown. Dehydration also often causes hunger, even though the body does not actually need food. Water also has zero calories.

2.       Drinking water is usually an effective way to eliminate headaches.

3.       Your skin needs water in order to stay hydrated and flexible. Healthy skin makes your whole body look healthier.

4.       90% of the brain is water. Staying hydrated will help you stay more focused and alert during the day.

5.       Water regulates your body temperature. If you stay hydrated, you’ll feel more energetic and exercising will become easier, as your body will stay cooler.

6.       Water is directly involved with and aids your metabolism and digestive system.

7.       Proper hydration ensures that your muscles and joints stay lubricated, lessening the chances of cramps and sprains.

8.       Drinking sufficient amounts of water helps your body rid itself of toxins and waste, which can lessen the chances of getting sick.

9.       The cleansing qualities of the water in the body also help to relieve fatigue.

The health benefits of water directly affect the mood– when your body feels healthy, your mind feels healthy