Migraines May Have Effect on Weight Gain

Scientists have recently concluded that girls who suffered from migraines are more likely to gain weight as they get older.

In fact, their research showed that four out of ten women who dealt with migraines gained at least twenty-two pounds since the age of eighteen. This is not the first time that migraines have been linked to obesity, but the new study took into account that migraine-afflicted children may have been heavier to begin with.

The study analyzed data on over 3,700 women, all of whom were questioned about their height and weight at age eighteen as well as their migraine history. More than one out of six women claimed that they had been diagnosed with a migraine. Among the normal-weight women, around one in every six had been diagnosed with the condition, while one of every four obese women had been as well.

“Relative to normal weight women, severely obese women have more than a doubling in odds of migraine,” said Michelle A. Williams of the University of Washington in Seattle. She concluded by saying “I would endorse the advice offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that promotes a lifestyle that includes healthy eating, regular physical activity and avoidance of weight gain.”

Recent Studies Shed Some Light on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Imagine living the majority of your life in a state of utter exhaustion. People suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also called ME, deal with this condition on a regular basis. Recent studies have shown that helping these patients to push their limits and try to overcome the situation is more helpful than helping them accept the condition and adjusting to their limited lives.

Not long ago, a British research party launched the largest trial yet of people suffering from the illness. Results showed that over half of the patients improved when their therapists encouraged them to gradually do more, instead of to adapt. Patients encouraged to accept their limits showed significantly less improvement.

“It is very encouraging that we have found not one but two treatments that are similarly helpful to patients,” said Trudie Chalder who was involved in the study.

“This study matters a lot,” added Professor Willie Hamilton of the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry. “CFS/ME is common, and causes a lot of suffering. I now know what to suggest to my patients.”

CNA Schools in Utah

If you are residing in Utah and planning to enroll for CNA Schools in Utah, you must remember that all CNA schools in this state must be approved by Utah Nursing Assistant Registry (UNAR).

The procedures you need to follow for your training program and certification include completion of UNAR and OBRA’87 approved Nursing Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program exam, comprising classroom theoretical class instruction, and clinical hands on trainings. The completion of Program allows a student for the CNA test and certification, facilitating registration with UNAR, allowing legal working in nursing homes, long term care units, hospitals and other health care centers.

CNA Schools Utah, offers training program of 80 hours including 16 hours class room and rest lab and clinical training approved by the State Office of Vocational Education meeting federal requirements.

Further requirements of Utha school also comprises of instructors, qualified as a registered nurse or LPN with at least two years of experience in caring for the elderly or chronically ill patient of any age. The ration for student-to-instructor must be 15:1 for clinical instruction and 30:1 for theory instruction and this necessity must not be exceeded.

Approved CNA Schools in Utah includes:

Utah CNA Training
4511 S 600, Salt Lake City, UT

An Act of Caring
1918 West 4100 South, Suite 102, Salt Lake City, UT

Bilingual School of Certified Nursing Assistants – Salt Lake City
3856 West 5400 South, Salt Lake City, UT

CNA – Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Training
6271 South Dixie Drive #9b, West Jordan, UT

AAA CNA Training Centers of Murray, Utah
Suite C-250, 5248 South Vinemont Drive, Murray, UT

AAA CNA Training Centers of Clearfield, Utah
397 State Street, Suite 104, Clearfield, UT

Elite Training Nursing Aide Program – Midvale
7677 South Main, Midvale, UT

HCA Manor Care South Ogden Nursing Aide Course
5540 South 1050 East, South Ogden, UT

UT CNA Training
4511 S 600 E, Salt Lake City, UT

Utah CNA Training
5204 S Redwood Rd, Taylorsville, UT

Salt Lake City School District Career and Technical Center
1560 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, UT

Utah Health Technology Certification Center
550 E 300, Kaysville, UT

Davis Applied Technology College
550 E 300 S, Kaysville, UT

Bridger land Applied Tech College
1301 N 600 W, Logan, UT

Weber High School CNA Training Course – Pleasant View
430 Weber High Drive, Pleasant View, UT

College of Eastern Utah: San Juan Campus
639 W 100 S, Blanding, UT

UT Nursing Assist
550 E 300 S # 2036, Kaysville, UT

Provo College
1450 West 820 North, Provo, UT

Dixie State College
225 S 700 E, St George, UT

Broadview University – West Jordan
1902 West 7800 South, West Jordan, UT

Mayfield Community Center Nurse Aide Training Program
P.O. Box 99, Mayfield, UT

Manor Care Health Services – South Ogden
5540 South 1050 East, South Ogden, UT

Bonneville High School Nurse Aide Training – South Ogden
251 East 4800 South, South Ogden, UT

Four Corners Regional Care Center
818 N 400 W, Blanding, UT

Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College: Accelerated Courses
200 N Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT

Four Corners Care Center – Blanding
818 North 400 West, Blanding, UT

Heritage Care Center Nurse Assistant Program – American Fork
350 East 300 North, American Fork, UT

Federal Heights Rehabilitation and Nursing – Salt Lake City
41 South 900 East, Salt Lake City, UT

Hazen Nursing Home CNA Classes – West Valley City
2520 South Redwood Rd., West Valley City, UT

Kolob Care and Rehabilitation of St. George C.N.A. Training program
178 South 1200 East, St. George, UT

What Is Strep Throat?

Strep throat is a common, highly contagious illness that people may encounter during any season, and especially during these winter months. The only effective treatment is antibiotics, which is why it is important to find out whether or not the sore throat is in fact due to the strep bacteria and not a virus. In fact, sore throats are more often caused by viral infections.

The first step to diagnosing your sore throat is a quick check of the symptoms. The most common symptoms of strep throat are:

·         A sudden, severe sore throat,

·         Pain while swallowing,

·         Fever over 101 degrees Fahrenheit

·         Swollen tonsils and\or lymph nodes

·         White or yellow spots on the back of a very red throat

Less common symptoms include headaches, stomach pains\nausea, a skin rash, lack of appetite and body aches. 

If these symptoms are accompanied by cold symptoms like coughing, sneezing or a stuffed\runny nose, the infection is likely viral and not bacterial.

Strep is highly contagious and can be transferred through the air, and symptoms will appear two to five days after the initial infection.