Recent Studies Shed Some Light on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Imagine living the majority of your life in a state of utter exhaustion. People suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also called ME, deal with this condition on a regular basis. Recent studies have shown that helping these patients to push their limits and try to overcome the situation is more helpful than helping them accept the condition and adjusting to their limited lives.

Not long ago, a British research party launched the largest trial yet of people suffering from the illness. Results showed that over half of the patients improved when their therapists encouraged them to gradually do more, instead of to adapt. Patients encouraged to accept their limits showed significantly less improvement.

“It is very encouraging that we have found not one but two treatments that are similarly helpful to patients,” said Trudie Chalder who was involved in the study.

“This study matters a lot,” added Professor Willie Hamilton of the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry. “CFS/ME is common, and causes a lot of suffering. I now know what to suggest to my patients.”