Migraines May Have Effect on Weight Gain

Scientists have recently concluded that girls who suffered from migraines are more likely to gain weight as they get older.

In fact, their research showed that four out of ten women who dealt with migraines gained at least twenty-two pounds since the age of eighteen. This is not the first time that migraines have been linked to obesity, but the new study took into account that migraine-afflicted children may have been heavier to begin with.

The study analyzed data on over 3,700 women, all of whom were questioned about their height and weight at age eighteen as well as their migraine history. More than one out of six women claimed that they had been diagnosed with a migraine. Among the normal-weight women, around one in every six had been diagnosed with the condition, while one of every four obese women had been as well.

“Relative to normal weight women, severely obese women have more than a doubling in odds of migraine,” said Michelle A. Williams of the University of Washington in Seattle. She concluded by saying “I would endorse the advice offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that promotes a lifestyle that includes healthy eating, regular physical activity and avoidance of weight gain.”