Acne Home Remedies

Acne Remedies

Treat yourself with a home-made face mask twice a week using one of these ingredients mixed with a drop or two or warm water, and crushed aspirin. Aspirin is a handy exfoliant, which means it gently removes dead skin cells as well as dirt and bacteria from clogged pores, and is also an anti-inflammatory which can reduce the appearance of already present pimples. Another cheap exfoliant is baking soda. Mix baking soda with a cleansing face cream or honey and rub onto your face in a circular motion. Let the baking soda mixture sit on your face for about ten minutes, and rinse with lukewarm water. Now would be the perfect time to use an oil-free facial moisturizer, as it will be fully absorbed in the now- clean pores. In both cases, be sure not to use a mask more than 3 times a week, as overexposure can cause dryness.