Apple is Looking for Jobs

In an unusual revelation Apple Inc. filed a claim with the controller’s office of the State of California stating that Apple Inc. owes its own CEO, Steve Jobs, property whose value is stated to be $37.91. What that property happens to be is unknown, listed as ‘other’ because, according to the spokesman for the controller, “that item isn’t public record.”

This bizarre situation came to pass due to a law in California which requires that property which has been ‘abandoned or lost’ for more than three years must be transferred to the State, which then takes over the responsibility of contacting the owner of the property and returning it to him.

Adding more strangeness to the already weird situation is the fact that $37.91 is the equivalent of almost 38 years’ worth of Steve Jobs’ salary at Apple. “What?” I hear you asking. The truth be known, but billionaire Jobs takes a yearly salary of $1 per year; with the rest of his income coming in from his collection of generous stock options.

Other corporations also owe Jobs a bit of property here and there. IBM reported that it owes Jobs $21.45 in stock plus and additional $14.30 in property. Even Time Warner, owner of CNN has gotten into the act, apparently owing Steve as much as 20 cents. Maybe you also owe Steve some money? You can file your claim at the controller’s office of the State of California.