Winter Health Tips

Winter is the season when many people get sick with flu, colds or coughs. Hence it is important take care of your health during the season of rain and snow. Here are a few winter health tips that guarantee an enjoyable winter:

First, a balanced diet assures proper health throughout the year and winter is no exception. In winter you should emphasize fresh foods and seasonal food items. Make salads with vegetables and fruit and eat healthy carbs and fats. Make sure to eat from a range of different foods so as to ensure that you get the vitamins you need to maximize your immunity and resistance power.

Although it isn’t hot, so you don’t’ feel thirsty, it is just as important to drink plenty of water duing the winter. Hot soups and herbal teas are also a good source of winter fluids.

Exercise! This is especially important in winter as it invigorates the body and develops the immunity system and resistance power of the body to fight the flu, cold and cough and other illnesses that frequent during the winter.

Dress in layers, with protective garments like sweaters and jackets to shield yourself from the cold winds and falling temperatures. Keep your head and feet particularly warm.

Stay warm and healthy and enjoy the winter!