Superbowl Fun!

superbowlThe Superbowl was so much fun. Personally I’m not so into spectator sports (I just enjoy working out to stay fit – and of course I’m incredibly vein), but since Daniel is this year I decided to join him in the event. We got a babysitter and ended up at Henry’s 12th Street Tavern.

I have to say that even though I don’t really understand the sport so much, it really was a lot of fun. There were prizes to win at every quarter, the bar was teeming and there were 100 different types of beer choice!

Since I’m not such a beer person I was thrilled that the food was great. I started with the spinach and artichoke dip, followed by the pepper crusted salmon (that I tell you was to die for!). I was sure to leave enough room for dessert and was sure glad I did as I really enjoyed the Mud Pie Brownie Sundae. I also have to confess that I stole some of Daniel’s Warm Donut Holes when he was focused on the game!

I’ll definitely come back to this place. It was a blast.

Portland’s Charitable Heart

heart-63974_640Portland is such a great place to live and raise kids for so very many reasons. And one of them is Christmas and the city’s charitable spirit.

Portland – for the last four decades nearly – has been giving kids whose parents cannot afford it a bike for Christmas. And this year, over 150 kids will be the lucky recipients. What began as an early morning run in celebration of the holiday has now become a wonderful philanthropic event.

Cyclists started joining in to raise money for the bikes that were given to a local organization which made sure children got their gifts on Christmas morning, along with all the other kids getting lots of fun things.

It’s been quite a family event too, this charity. Founded by Dennis Ferguson, son Bart and cousin Ted designed a T-shirt which sold at $25 a piece. The money made from that – along with other donations – paid for the bikes.

I’m so glad my children are privileged. I am also happy we live in a place that recognizes those less privileged than them.

The Cost of a Cuddle

Lilsonic 1355
Lilsonic 1355

I must remember how wonderful it is that I have Daniel. And the kids. And the dog. Because all of them are there for cuddles whenever I need/want them (well, Daniel sometimes needs a push, but in general I can’t complain).

I started thinking about this recently as I came upon Samantha Hess’ store, Cuddle Up to Me. I mean I totally get the idea of it and it makes a lot of sense, but I also feel there’s something a little sad about it. But then again, that just makes me appreciate all that I have even more.

It’s doing really well which is great because it means that Hess has found a niche and that it’s something that people want. But not great because it means so many people are without cuddles in their lives! It’s totally not a weird freakish thing at all. It’s really platonic and nothing sexual. You pay $60 for an hour of professional cuddling. With that hour one can get hand-holding, hair stroking, spooning, etc. Hess seeks to provide for her clients “the level of human contact that we want or need in order to be our optimal selves.”

I guess when my single friends get sad I could recommend it to them. Alternatively, I could tell them to get a dog! I think dogs are the best companions ever. But I do see that Samantha is responding to a need in Portland.

Running Like Hell

run-like-hellI’m not a runner but Daniel is. In times like these I really wish I was. A couple of weeks ago there were more than 4,000 runners that participated in the footrace that took place downtown. What was particularly cool was the Halloween-themed costumes some of them were wearing.

The 11th of its kind the Run Like Hell event is open to five kilometer, ten kilometer and half-marathoners. It raises money for the charity Molly’s Fund (Lupus foundation).

This year Daniel said it was particularly cool as there were also 12 local musicians serenading them, in conjunction with the race’s theme – Under the Sea.

Walk for ALS

ALSIt’s incredible how many stories I hear these days of people being diagnosed with ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – or more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Just two weeks ago our good friend James (who is only 28 himself)’s mom was diagnosed. She’s just 63. And then my friend Sally –whose mom passed away from the disease many years ago – heard the dreadful news that her sister now has it. And she’s not even 40. It’s awful. And so scary.

I guess it was all of this that inspired us to take both the kids on the ALS walk in town. We walked three miles to raise money for research into ALS. Despite the depressing nature of the cause, the event was beautiful. We covered Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Steel Bridge, Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade and Hawthorne Bridge. Kids were tired by the end but nothing too crazy.

I think the walk brought in close to $25,000. So that’s good. But seriously, what a terrible, terrible disease. I pray a cure is discovered soon.