The Healing Power of our Four-Legged Friends

It has been known for a long time that dogs can bring therapeutic relief to patients with a whole slew of different needs.  It seems like the furry friends are able to take patients’ minds off their troubles. But a recent news story really made headlines when it was the dogs themselves who could have been hospitalized as well!  And these injured dogs were also providing aid to patients in a Dallas rehabilitation  institute.

Wheelchair-bound dogs Chili and Arlo have been able to inspire many patients.  According to program director at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation Linda Marler, since “many of the patients are new to wheelchairs, when they see Chili and Arlo, they say, ‘If those dogs can do it, so can I.’”  Every week the dogs come and visit these patients who have incurred a traumatic injury or a stroke.  Indeed, 6-year-old Chili was thrown over a fence onto cement when she was just 8 weeks old.