Cute, Unidentifiable Animal

An animal has been found that seems is unidentifiable.  There is no doubt to its cuteness, but there are some questions as to what it is.  It looks somewhat like an orange and brown-spotted fur-ball that has huge red eyes.  But that’s about all the gob-smacked Wenling, Chinese zookeepers can say.  It came into their care from two random males who would not identify themselves either!  So one could say that the unidentifiable animal is genetic, given that its “parents” are unidentifiable too.  Not that such a thesis helps the case…

Monkey, Possum, Strange Creature?

There are discussions that it may be a monkey. But others have suggested that it could be a possum.  No-one is entirely sure.  It also has rat-like features and its fur is the color of marbled tortoise-shell.  Its tail is bushy and its paws, pointy.  It really is a funny looking thing, incredibly cute and makes everyone smile when first meeting it.

Mr. Unidentified is approximately 25cm long and enjoys the taste of grass.  So he’s cute, and eco-friendly!  According to Wang Gang, manager of the zoo, “I have consulted animal experts from Hanghou, Shanghai and Wenzhou, but right now no-one is able to tell me what this little creature is called.”