Birthday Presents

So as I promised in my previous post now that things are calmer, I can tell you what I got for my birthday.  First, I got the cutest little necklace (that I asked Daniel to order) of the boys. It’s silver (I don’t really like gold) and has two little boys on it engraved with their names.  I wanted to add a bone with Galvin engraved on it and I even had a bone that I got ages ago when we just had Jayden, which Daniel got engraved but it was much bigger than the little boys and just didn’t look right.  So now I just have the two boys which has upset Daniel as he says I don’t care as much about Galvin as he does which is so not true as it’s usually me who walks him.  Still, I will look out for a more suitable bone.

Then I got bath stuff from Jayden.  He went with Daniel to choose me a gift.  They both know how much I love my long hot soaks in the tub so Jayden sniffed all the bubble baths in the store and chose two along with four candles.  Then he told me (when I opened it) that he wants it for his bath too!  That could be cute, putting the kids in a candle-lit tub with lots of smelly bubbles!

Amanda came round on my birthday with thick bed-house socks. She said she knows how I always love to be home and in bed and cozy so thought that would work which it does.  And then Danielle bought me a really cute mini-gold purse which is kind of tacky but fun at the same time.  My parents just gave me money so I’ll have to work out what to do with that. They told me they want me to use it to buy something for me, not just for bills.

And that’s about it.  I did pretty good and was happy with my gifts. It was nice when my friends brought the gifts round as it gave me an opportunity to see them which doesn’t happen nearly enough.  Worth having a birthday just for that!