Geek Giving Made Easy

GeekNeed a gift for a Linux geek? This special breed of people who are enamored of ‘free and open-source software’ (FOSS) can be a little bit harder to please. Here are some cool ideas for that ‘special’ computer maven still on your shopping list:

1. Have you ever visited the Linux store at Begin your FOSS-filled shopping travels here, and pick up their elegant Tux Mug for only $9.
2. How about the Linux Cheat Shirt? This nifty bit of clothing, seen at ThinkGeek, is scrawled with an assortment of Linux commands, but upside down for more convenient viewing by the wearer of said shirt. We are talking serious geek here. Useful for job interviews where knowledge of the commands might be put to the test. Only $15.
3. Here’s one that will catch the eye of your geek’s co-workers. It’s a button which reads, “The box said ‘Requires Windows Vista or better.’ So I installed LINUX.” Only a true geek would express himself thus. Worth every penny of the $4 it will set you back.