Good to be Home


It’s great to be home. We got back late last night.  The kids had fallen asleep in the car and thankfully, it was easy to move them straight into their beds without them waking up.  I’d really missed Daniel so even though I was pooped myself, I crawled into bed, cuddling him.  I also wanted to find out what he’d been up to since we’d been out of town. 

So it turned out that not only had he made his deadline, he’d also completed another project, thus giving him some free time to chill while I was away with the boys.  I asked him if he’d done anything special or fun and he told me about his day at Mario’s.  Not only had he bought me something very special from there (in my mind, everything they sell at Mario’s is special), but he’d also had a good time himself.

Well, this kind of surprised me, truth be told. You have to understand something about Daniel (I guess this is true of pretty much all men though).  Daniel HATES to shop.  And he especially despises going into any designer store.  So that made me curious as to why he had actually enjoyed it.  He then revealed all.  Apparently last Thursday Mario’s was having a little celebration of its own; throughout the day the store was serving complimentary holiday refreshments.  All of a sudden I understood why he shopped pretty much ‘til he dropped!  I knew there must have been an ulterior motive and there was. 

Still, it looks like I’ll be coming out of this pretty well so I have no complaints!  I’ll update you tomorrow with what I receive; it’s still pretty early in the morning here and since both kids are still sound asleep we’re not going to take advantage of the quiet time. 

Merry Christmas one and all!