Sweet Sounds of the Purring Prada


Wow, did we have a good Christmas!  The kids are having a blast still with their new toys, giving Daniel and I some nice relaxing time.  My parents have been here too which has been such a treat.  My mom right now is cleaning up the kitchen; she’s so good.

Daniel loved his new iPhone SoL Hybrid Power Pack Solar Charging Case which I wasn’t surprised by. But then I felt a little guilty as the gift he got me (form Marios’s) surely was way more expensive.  He knows I’ve been eyeing the Prada shopping tote for ages, but I seriously never expected it would arrive as a Christmas gift from him.  Maybe a birthday gift – my birthday is in a couple of weeks, but not for Christmas.    I literally was speechless.  But he knew I was delighted; he was grinning from ear to ear.

We never know what to get my parents – truthfully they have everything.  So Daniel made a really cute video of the kids saying “Merry Christmas Grandma and Papa, we love you,” as well as a four-slot-picture-frame for them filled with their gorgeous grandkids.  It brought a tear to my mom’s eye.  So I knew she loved that.

And, amazingly so, it is now the day after Christmas; my parents are still here, the kids are off from pre-school, Daniel  is nursing a slight hangover and no-one has even come close to a fight.  That to me is truly the miracle of Christmas 2011 in the Goldsmith family home, Portland, Oregon.