Christmas is Happening!


Portland is such a great place to be over the holiday season.  I mean, it’s always a fabulous town, but I particularly love it over Christmas.  As well, he lights seem even brighter this year.  Indeed, I read somewhere that there were around 500,000 lights outside the Grotto’s chapel, adorned with a whole slew of Christmas trees and bushes.

I’m not such a religious person, but I do feel Christmas should be a little bit about Christ, and, given that the chapel looked so inviting from the outside (and I do want my kids to have a little infusion of Christianity), we all ventured inside.

I was happy I did.  “Whoa,” announced Jayden in shock and delight as I saw a smile spread across his cute face.  It was the sound.  A bunch of people were signing beautiful Christmas songs and it was a true joy for us all; very tranquil too.

I knew that the Grotto was a great place to go.  My neighbor told me she’d been there last week for some of the local school Christmas concerts there.  It’s large too – around 600 seats – and she said there wasn’t an empty seat to be found.

Visiting the chapel always makes me think that I really should come on a more regular basis and bring the kids like every couple of Sundays for prayers.  Maybe that will just have to be one of my many New Year’s resolutions.  We’ll see.  For now, I just want to enjoy it and enjoy the kids’ reactions to it.