‘I Do’ 100 Times!

One couple broke the record of how many times they can exchange vows.  They just said ‘I do’ for the 100th time in Hawaii at the Hard Rock Café, in Honolulu.  David and Lauren Blair first met in 1982 and it was love at first site.  The couple – from Tennessee – dated for just three months before David’s proposal but was rejected on his first attempt!  Soon after she did accept and the couple were wed two years later in Topanga Canyon, CA.

But apparently, getting wed once just wasn’t enough.  Today – Lauren aged 60 and David aged 58 – have broken the record of renewing their vows 99 times.  What’s even more unique about this couple is that each vow renewal was in a different location. 

So why did they feel the need to do this? Just to break a record?  Apparently  not.  According to the article that reported on this in Guinness World Records, Lauren explained, “we were both in long term relationships in the past that didn't work out.  We knew we were meant for each other and wanted to continually share that vow experience.  I love to look into David's eyes as he is repeating his vows.  I know that this man will love me until the day I die.  Of course, David will tell you that he does it for the honeymoons!”