Shevell to Love, Love, McCartney Do


It’s not like he’s had an easy run of things in the love department, our former Beatles star.  Despite his great financial wealth, one could justifiably feel very sorry for Paul McCartney in the love department.  First, the love of his life for many years, his true soul-mate Linda, dies.  Then he marries someone else, it doesn’t work out and she tries to take all his money.  One couldn’t exactly blame the guy if he gave up trying to find love.  But clearly that’s not McCartney’s style and it seems – “with a little help from his friends” – he may just “get by.”  Let’s hope.

Third Time’s a Charm

The 69-year old McCartney, just got married for the third time.   This time it’s unlikely he’s going to have a money issue as American Nancy Shevell is a millionaire heiress in her own right.  And McCartney showed his appreciation and adoration for his new bride when he sang a song he wrote especially for her in the reception they hosted in a marquee at his house.  The newly-wed couple enjoyed a lovely dance together and according to reports from a news article.  The song he sang for her was a delightful, romantic song which was very appropriate for the beautiful event.

As McCartney learned from his last marriage, money “can’t buy [me] love,” so all hopes are that he’ll always “want to hold [Shevell’s] hand.”