Princess Cheats Death

Living Like a “Princess”

A dog in Hamden nearly died, having endured a stabbing back in May.  But now it seems the dog is having the life it deserves.  One-year-old Princess, a Staffordshire terrier, was taken in by Diane Pearce a fortnight ago, in Hamden, having started her life in New Haven with Alexander Bernard who clearly wasn’t the right match for the young pooch.  Indeed, in a recent news article, Bernard admitted to police that he had been stabbing his dog “a lot, all over,” as he had been bothered by her from other people, in addition to the fact that he was dealing with various familial issues.

Wells to Rescue

But North Haven Animal Hospital veterinarian Dr. James Wells came to Princess’ rescue following the dog’s latest attack from the owner’s “friend.”  She had endured a staggering 29 stab wounds and  needed to spend more than three months at the animal hospital, from where she was sent to North Haven Animal Shelter.  Christopher Smith of Animal Control Officer, chose Diane Pearce to be Princess’ new owner.  She is thrilled and brought the dog home shortly after her own Staffordshire terrier, Lucy, passed away from breast cancer.

Princess Leads Parade

Princess is very happy and living the life a true “princess” deserves as she leads the pack as the grand marshal at the Paws on Parade Halloween Costume Pet Parade sponsored by Hamden Happy Tails and Joiya Day Spa donned in a tiara with her pink leash and collar “because,” as Pearce recognizes, “she is a princess.”

Finally after all she has been through, it is clear that Princess will be living the life of a true Princess.