Joy Behar Finally Says “I Do” After 29 Years

So, it took 29 years of dating to finally tie the knot, but who’s counting. In a situation that just might make it into the Guinness Books, the View co-host Joy Behar has finally tied the knot with her incredibly long-standing boyfriend, Steve Janowitz.

After dating for 29 years, the two finally decided to go ahead and commit. Married over the weekend on August 11th in New York City in a private ceremony, Joy Behar promises to discuss the big day on September 6th on The View, when the show returns for its 15th season.

Behar has called Janowitz her “spousal equivalent” for all these years, and she even made plans to wed in 2009. Cold feet, however, caused her to break off the engagement that time.

Hopefully, her feet will stay warm this time around.

Picture from Splash New Online.