The Health Benefits of Horseback Riding Part I

Horse-back-ridingHorseback riding is a popular tourist attraction and is often considered to be a fun, relaxing activity. People who use horses as part of their daily routine, however, know that riding is actually incredibly beneficial for our bodies. The Japanese recognized this fact years ago, and created an exercise machine with simulates the different motions of a horse.

While riding, the core muscles are strengthened in a way that can only be achieved through certain exercises. The back, arms, thigh and stomach muscles work to control balance and movement throughout the length of the ride. Posture can also be greatly improved, as the correct riding position requires the person to sit with a straight spine and shoulders back. While riding at a fast pace, like a canter, the blood receives more oxygen, breathing is extended, circulation is improved and metabolism is increased.

Riding also often exposes a person to more fresh air. The animals in the stable can help boost the immune system. Even the grooming of the horse before and after a ride exercises ones’ muscles.