The Importance of Exercise During the Winter

The never-ending urge to stay in bed for the whole of the winter can make it nearly impossible to stick to your exercise routine. You figure you’ll catch up when you regain your energy. This attitude is very incorrect. In fact, exercise is especially important during these months! That lazy, depressed feeling will only worsen if left stagnant. Also, during the winter months people are generally less active, as the weather does not really allow for walks and fresh air, while the boredom and slow feeling increases their appetites. The best and healthiest way to keep your energy levels up, your weight down and to eliminate that constant fatigue is by boosting your exercise schedule.

Make a real effort to increase your heart rate at least once a day. Try jumping rope, using a treadmill or elliptical trainer, or even going for a jog if the weather allows it. Sweating is incredibly healthy. Not only will the activity help you stay in shape for bathing-suit season, but it will improve the condition of your skin, your mood, and your entire day. Physical activity boosts your immune system, which can actively help you avoid winter illnesses like the flu, skin diseases and other inconvenient, insufferable conditions. The exercise will also increase the production of “happy” hormones, which will make it easier for you to deal with the weather and do what needs to get done during the day.