The Miracle of Prayer


Sometimes, when it looks like all is lost for good and nothing can possibly get worse, even those who do not believe in any kind of power might end up turning to a God to pray for some hope.  Well, that wasn’t quite the case with Jim Haggerty, but there was definitely a Higher Power looking out for him.  Haggerty – a religious man with a passion for fixing up cars – suddenly found himself under two tons of steel; a car tilted off the rack when he pulled on the wrench. 

It started by him getting under the car, checking the transmission and the oil in it, putting on a wrench and then once he pulled on it, the car tilted and he was underneath.  His son saw it happen who told his wife who called 911 and when the paramedics arrived, no-one thought Jim would make it.

When they found him he was purple and swollen from the chest up.  At best, he would survive with severe brain damage.  In a CBN news article, his wife Nina recalled, “I began praying and I realized that this was pretty major. I really wanted to have some backup prayer support, and that I am a member of The 700 Club, I thought, first of all, I just needed to get on the phone and call,” Nina said.  

Jim was sedated for 10 days and felt God with him during that time.  Miraculously, he only spent 19 days in hospital, followed by a month of rehab.  He amazed the doctors – he recovered so well and so quickly.  It truly was a miracle.  Now he says, he is completely healed and has gone back to working with cars and caring for his animals.