Being Green III

cellphone_recycle1bThis week’s focus on Being Green honors the fact that November 15th was America Recycles Day. This special day, which was launched by Keep America Beautiful in 1997, aims to highlight the need for our nation to recycle. Americans were encouraged to adopt this year’s theme “I Recycle” and to pledge to start recycling, and to encourage others to do likewise. Individuals and businesses around the country got into the act with new initiatives on the individual, family, local and corporate level.

One focus was on e-waste. This refers not just to computers but to cell phones, MP3 players and DVD players. As we’ve already written about, e-waste is an increasing problem in the U.S. today. On American Recycles Day, Dell Computers underscored their two easy ways for customers to recycle their old computers: either drop off your Dell product at Staples or contact FedEx for pick-up – both ways are free.

Covanta Energy also joined the e-waste bandwagon on America Recycles Day, reminding people that when you’re ready to upgrade your phone, laptop, etc. you can donate it to a non-profit rather than just throwing it away. This will enable you to reduce e-waste and aid those less fortunate, all at the same time.
Stay tuned for some of the local initiatives held around the country in honor of America Recycles Day.