Cellphone Radiation, Dangerous or Not?

Cell-Phone-RadiationDid you know that every cell phone comes with a warning that it might be unhealthy to hold the phone near your head or stuffed in your pocket? This warning about the hazards of cell phone use comes on a tiny slip of paper which you probably barely even noticed when you unpacked your phone, right before you either held it next to your ear to make a call, or stuffed in your pocket so you could take it with you, since it is called a ‘mobile’ phone in some places.

Some companies even have a recommended distance to keep the phones away from your head and/or body. Apple declares that iPhones should be kept a minimum of 5/8 of an inch away, while the manufacturer of BlackBerry says one inch is the optimum safe distance.

Devra Davis, an epidemiologist recently published a book entitled “Disconnect” about cellphone radiation, which explains that the question of whether the low-level radiation produced by cellphones is hazardous has not been conclusively proven one way or another.