Bike Show Returns!

So, I had to admit to Daniel (who promised he wouldn’t brag “I told you so”), that I made a mistake by not going to the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show.  It skipped a few years but now this annual happening has returned to our area.  I was tired and I figured it might be tough with the little ones but it seems – from Jenny’s account of her day there – that I was wrong.

Organized by the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association and located at Swan Island, a bunch of the state’s top frame builders assembled.  Apparently it was really quite incredible.  There were 18 builders and 36 exhibitors and the kids had such a blast seeing their newest creations.  It wasn’t just old-timers who are famous either – there were exhibitors who were just starting out who were really creative. Then there were all the cool Chris King Precision Components; Dan Coyle’s handmade wooden helmets; Brian Engelen’s funky light creations and more. 

Yes indeed, it was a shame we missed it.  But, as Daniel nicely said to me when I admitted my mistake, “there’s always next year.”