Summer in the City!!!!

Really, summer is the best if you are lucky enough to live in Portland, OR.  I just love the summers here. There is so much to do and the best part? A ton of it is free!

We really made the most of our surroundings this year.  We took the kids (and a picnic) to the Adult Soap Box Derby, where we enjoyed Mount Tabor’s local (very brave!) racers tested their mettle.  So much fun!

We also did the Banks BBQ and Tractor Pull for the agricultural sports event, introducing the kid to the world of farming. The car judging was funny and my little one loved the pancake breakfast.  For me, participating in the Texas Hold’em poker tournament with my man was really a lot of fun, and took me back to our old dating days!

I felt like they really had something for everyone there as some of our friends even went to the Kelly Field church service on the Sunday. With kids games, a bank parade and the Grease Pole/Frog Jump it really was a summer to remember.

Hicham Aboutaam’s Antique Jewelry

It’s interesting how one’s tastes change as they age. I used to always love everything modern: modern TV shows and movies, artwork and jewelry. I’ve changed in middle age. I’ve started really enjoying period dramas on TV and now I just dream of ancient art.

As such I recently came across some beautiful pieces from Hicham Aboutaam’s Phoenix Ancient Art. The first one I liked (I kept the computer open on the page for my husband to ‘get the hint,’) was this unique necklace with semi-precious stones and animals. From somewhere between 1st century BC and 1st century AD, the crouching animals with front and rear legs tucked underneath are so unusual. I love the lion (although I see they are lion-griffins) and the turquoise is so striking.

Then there is the Roman Imperial Carnelian and Gold Bead necklace that manages to be both delicate and striking at the same time. Diamond shaped sheet gold beads go back to the Roman period of 2nd-3rd century AD. I simply adore that Carnelian color.

Summer in the City

Yay for summer!!!! Finally summer has arrived and apart from the kids being excited (which kid isn’t) truthfully this season is Portland is just magical.

So what is coming up for us locally that we think we’re going to do? First, Shakespeare. Oh wow we know it’s a classic but in Portland it’s even more than that. It is just wonderful and so much better outdoors. It’s loud, great acting and you get the chance to picnic. “Drinking with Romeo,” I like to call it as I take my place at the Lone Fir Cemetery. So bring out your sunscreen, get the bubbly on ice and join us for the Original Practice Shakespeare Festival.

And let me tell you his….while the popular ones like ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ are great, with this Portland summer program, I feel it matters less which play is being performed and more about who you’re there with. In fact, those who really are there for the play, go early so you get the good seats. As for the rest of us, we’re there to enjoy the entire event – it’s the ambience and company that truly makes it special. And it’s totally geared for kids, mega family-friendly with even dogs being welcome!

Moving In?

If you give me a chance I would. Wow.  I just read about the Mio.  Do not be fooled into thinking it is a car.  It is a house.  But a house with a difference and would be beyond perfect for us when the kids leave home and Daniel is completely focused on his work.

The Covo Mio is designed for people who work from home and love technology.  Featuring smart home lighting, heating and security, numerous charging ports, a built-in 55% monitor, it is the work addict’s dream.

I personally really was impressed by its full working kitchen with a stainless-steel oven top and a ton of smart storage too.  With stereo speakers built in and a seven-foot bar top, who could not see this as their mancave, she-shed or fab personal retirement home?

Joining the Masses Fighting for Climate Change

So I joined a few hundred others last week to make our joint statement on how we feel about climate change.  At the same time, all of the data about climate change was removed from the Environment Protection Agency’s website, apparently as a way to “reflect the approach of new leadership,” in other words, Trump.

But why was I specifically there?  I’m not happy about the new policies vis-à-vis what the greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plants will do. The proposed EPA budget cuts make me particularly nervous. How crazy is it that they plan to cut the budget from $300million to $10 million that is used to fight against water pollution issues in the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world?

This just is not acceptable.  I sure hope our protest will not fall on deaf ears.